Heading to the gym soon? Make sure you have the best gym accessories to maximize your workout. The proper gym accessories can take your training to the next level, whether you want to build strength, improve cardio fitness, or increase flexibility. With so many options on the market, it’s tricky to figure out which items are must-have balance equipment and workout accessories versus just hype. We’ve researched countless gym add-ons to find the very best ones. From innovative tools to basic staples, here are our top picks for the best gym add-ons that no fitness enthusiast should be without.



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Best Accessories for The Total Gym

The Total Gym is a popular home exercise machine that utilizes an incline bench and sliding foot platform to enable hundreds of bodyweight training exercises. While the basic Total Gym unit is great on its own, certain accessories can maximize its potential. Some must-have add-ons for the Total Gym include resistance bands to increase exercise intensity, a squat stand for lower body toning, a dip bar for triceps and chest development, and a wing attachment for back and lat workouts. An ab cruncher attachment targets the core muscles for sculpted abs. Also, look for the multi-press board which provides handholds for pushup variations. With the right accessories for the total gym, you can take your home workouts to the next level.


Best Gym Accessories for Weight Lifting


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Wrist Wraps

These supportive wraps stabilize wrists during heavy lifts like bench presses, overhead presses, and squats. Weightlifting places large demands on wrists that can lead to pain or injury over time. Quality wrist wraps provide compression and support to take stress off the sensitive joints. They also improve grip strength for holding onto heavy loads. Choose a pair made of thick, durable material with Velcro closures. Wrap them snugly before intense lifts to keep wrists safe. Wrist wraps are a must-have Gonex gym accessories for heavy lifters.

Weightlifting Belt

A solid weight belt protects the lower back during taxing exercises like deadlifts, squats, and cleans. The hard leather or fabric exterior and interior cushioning support the lumbar spine and abdominals. This allows you to lift heavier weights with better form. Look for a thick 4- to 6-inch belt with a quality buckle that won’t slip. Break it in before using it for heavy loads. Position it low on the hips for squats and deadlifts or slightly higher for cleans. A belt takes pressure off the spine so you can train harder and lift heavier. A quality weight belt is one of the top gym accessories for squats and deadlifts.

Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are a game changer in pulling exercises when grip strength fails before your back or biceps fatigue. They loop securely around barbells or handles so you can pull more weight on moves like deadlifts, rows, and weighted pull-ups. The extra grip help means you can train those big muscles to exhaustion without limitations from slippery hands. Find straps with sturdy nylon or cotton material that won’t fray or rip. A 10 to 15 inch length provides versatility for different exercises and hand positions. Throw them in your gym bag for a grip boost on heavy-pulling days. Lifting straps are a must-have gym accessory for building back and bicep strength.

Gym Accessories for Women

Female gym-goers have unique fitness needs and goals. Some top gym accessories for women include stylish yet supportive sports bras for high-intensity workouts, comfortable women’s workout pants that flatter your shape, small grips and gloves to protect your hands during lifting, and hair ties plus headbands to keep hair out of your face. Ladies may also appreciate gym bags with separate shoe compartments, earbuds designed for women’s smaller ears, and fitness trackers with feminine band designs. Sports makeup, dry shampoo, and deodorizing wipes are bonus gym bag essentials for women. Arm yourself with the right gym accessories for women so you can feel and look great during workouts.

Best Gym Accessories for Cardio



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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands add a challenge to bodyweight workouts and warmups. Loop the stretchy bands around feet, hands, or thighs to increase the intensity of exercises like squats, pushups, and lunges. Because they’re so portable that ‌you can take resistance bands anywhere to get a great workout in small spaces. Bands come in varying thicknesses to provide the right level of challenge. A full set lets you progress as you get stronger. Choose smooth, durable bands that won’t snap and offer even tension. When used creatively, resistance bands are one of the most versatile and affordable ‌gym accessories around.

Foam Roller

A foam roller is a gym bag necessity for loosening tight muscles before or after exercise. Using your body weight, roll gently over the cylinder to release tension in the thighs, back, shoulders, and more. The pressure helps to increase blood flow and range of motion. Foam rollers can be used to aid recovery, alleviate muscle soreness, or promote mobility during warmups. High-density rollers provide firm pressure for knotted muscles, while softer styles are more gentle. Look for a textured surface for non-slip rolling. A quality foam roller is lightweight so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Target tight spots before or after workouts for limber, pain-free muscles. A foam roller is a top best gym accessory for flexibility.

Jump Rope

Jump ropes provide an intense cardio workout anytime, with zero equipment required. All you need is a durable rope and a bit of open space to burn calories and build endurance. Jump ropes improve agility, coordination, and quickness too. Look for one with ball bearings inside the handles for smooth spinning. Adjust the length to your height so the handles hit near your hips as you jump. Start slowly, mastering the alternating foot jump before trying more advanced tricks. Jump ropes strengthen legs and torch calories for well-rounded fitness. Toss one in your bag to get in some cardio anytime. Jump ropes are essential gym accessories for portable HIIT workouts.


Gym Accessories for Men:

Guys have their own fitness gear preferences when hitting the gym. Useful gym accessories for men include lifting belts for back support during heavy compound lifts, lifting straps for grip assistance on pulling exercises, and wireless headphones for immersive workout playlists. Men tend to sweat more than women, so moisture-wicking shirts and sweatbands for the forehead are handy gym bag items. Other top picks include vented gym bags for post-workout gear, jump ropes for HIIT cardio, and foam rollers to speed muscle recovery. Don’t forget gym essentials like water bottles, towels, and extra deodorant as well. With the right gym accessories, men can feel empowered while working toward their fitness goals.

Best Gym Accessories for Flexibility:



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Yoga Mat:

A high-quality yoga mat provides cushioning and traction for yoga poses, stretching, and floor exercises. The right amount of padding protects joints and bones during floor workouts. Sticky texturing grips the floor to prevent sliding and slips. Look for a mat at least 5 millimeters thick made of supportive PVC or natural rubber. These mats can be used as meditation seats as well.

There are many yoga mats available to use as meditation seats because of the cool fabric that relaxes your senses. The best mats strike the right balance of squishy and firm. Make sure your mat is long enough for your height. Carry straps let you easily transport a mat for workouts anywhere. Having your own provides peace of mind at the gym. Invest in a top-rated yoga mat to take your floor workouts up a notch. A yoga mat is a must-have ‌gym accessory for flexibility training.

Yoga/meditation mat and seat chair:
florensi meditation mat

yoga mat storage cart

luxe meditation mat by maya lumbini

Mythinglogic yoga mat storage racks


Mindful modern meditation-foldable-bench

Bluecony meditation bench ikuko original

Yoga Blocks:

Yoga blocks are helpful props for improving alignment and deepening flexibility. The lightweight blocks let you modify poses to your current ability level. Place them under hands, feet or hips to reduce strain and reach full depth in stretches. They also aid balance during one-legged postures. Cork and foam blocks provide sturdy support. Look for a set with multiple height options to customize difficulty. Using blocks enables proper form so you can relax into poses instead of pushing to the point of pain or strain. Explore your flexibility safely and comfortably with these clever yoga aids. Yoga blocks rank among the top gym accessories for better stretching.

Vibrating Foam Roller:

Vibrating foam rollers take the benefits of regular foam rolling to the next level. These rollers feature vibration technology that helps muscles release tension and loosen tight spots. The pulsating sensation improves blood flow to aid muscle recovery. Using a vibrating roller before exercise primes muscles for action. Rolling after workouts can alleviate residual tightness and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness.

Vibrating foam rollers provide targeted massage therapy to roll out knots, speed warmup, and enhance cooldowns. Investing in one combines the relief of massage with the recovery perks of vibration therapy.

More Must-Have Gym Accessories:



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Fitness Tracker:

A fitness tracker is one of the best accessories for setting and meeting health goals. Wearable devices monitor metrics like steps, distance, calories and heart rate. Tracking this data keeps you motivated and accountable day to day.

Having real-time stats during workouts is helpful for monitoring intensity and progress. Look for a comfortable, sleek tracker with accurate sensors and long battery life. Sync it with your smartphone to easily access stats and features. Waterproofing lets you keep it on 24/7. A fitness tracker measures your daily movement and workout metrics so you can improve over time. A fitness tracker is an essential best gym accessory for quantifying workouts.

Water Bottle:

Don’t overlook the importance of hydration during workouts. A large water bottle keeps liquid on hand so you stay hydrated. Proper water intake boosts performance, focus, and recovery. Durable metal, plastic or insulated bottles maintain temperature. Look for BPA-free construction and a tight lid that won’t leak. Markings help track intake goals. A wide mouth accommodates ice cubes and fits cleaning devices. Having your own water bottle also reduces plastic waste. Bring one along for eco-friendly hydration all workout long. A reusable water bottle is a must-have ‌gym accessory.

Gym Bag:

A quality gym bag neatly carries all your workout necessities to and from the gym. Look for one with multiple compartments to keep gear organized and separate from sweaty clothes. Ventilation helps keep odors at bay. Carry handles and removable straps provide carrying options. Although optional, some even have built-in shoe storage. Consider the activities you’ll use it for to determine size and features. With everything packed and ready to go in one place, you’ll never forget an important accessory. Keep all your workout accessories secure and smelling fresh with an awesome gym bag. A gym bag is one of the top gym accessories for staying organized.


The right ‌gym accessories like wrist wraps, yoga blocks, resistance bands, foam rollers, and jump ropes enhance every gym session and help you reach goals faster. Use this list to make smart additions to your training gear. Arm yourself with the equipment you need to get stronger, improve endurance and increase flexibility. With game-changing tools and workout accessories, you’ll be ready to take your workouts to the next level. Invest in the best gym accessories so you can crush your fitness goals in style and comfort.



Exercise ball:

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jfit-dead-weight-slam-ball for core training

vivohome-anti-slip-half-balance ball trainer

trideer-pilates-ball-for multiple exercises


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Twist Boards:
Yes4All ab twister board

Figure trimmer ab tummy twister board

Smartopus waist twister with handles

Figure trimmer ab twister board 

Foam roller:



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Muscle massager kit:



Push-up bar:






Lalahigh ultimate push-up board at home gym

Hoverboard Scooters:

Kids hoverboard scooter

Sisigad-hoverboard self balancing scooter

felimoda-balancing-led hoverboard for kids

Xtremepowerus self-balancing scooter hoverboard for kids

Kids gymnastics bar:

Swing set gymnastics bar for kids

Slsy gymnastics bars kids kip training

Knee Roller:
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Sunny Health & Fitness:

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Stake Boards:
Landyachtz dinghy 28 complete skateboard



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