Extra Long Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller is unique. I found this tool at the gym- someone had left it there, and they were holding it. Later find some back issues, so a trainer suggested I try it. I thought it was just a roller until she turned it to the 2nd vibration and started rolling it on my lower back-OMG!!

It felt great!! I could walk out of the gym feeling better, so I ran home and ordered my own. When I received mine, my sister was there, so she asked about it- I rolled the Vulken on her back, and she wants one. You can easily sit on the couch and prop this behind you for an instant message, and with this fitness equipment you can roll it up and down your thighs, place it on the wall and put your back on it and go up and down -many ways to relieve achy muscles!! It is worth every penny!



























Features of Vulken 3800RPM High-Intensity Quick Charge Electric Foam Roller:

17” FULL-SIZE ROLLER: It’s long enough to roll the widest part of your back in one pass; you can roll both legs (quads, hamstrings, and calves) at the same time; Our vibrating foam roller is longer than most the other electric rollers in the market, perfect for all body sizes especially for more prominent bodybuilders/athletes.

4 SPEED SETTINGS: Low/Medium/High-Speed Levels plus an Auto (Pulsating) Level for effortless muscle relaxation. Ideal for warming up, circulation improvement, and recovery of sore and tight muscles

3800RPM HIGH-INTENSITY VIBRATION: Vibration enhances the foam roller’s effectiveness on your muscles. Its powerful motor delivers high-penetration relief and helps roll out tightness better than low-intensity vibration rollers.

QUALITY MATERIAL: Eco-friendly, air-injected plastic shell transfers maximum vibration. Longer but lighter, ultra-portable fitness roller weighs 2.1lbs with a free carrying bag. Enjoy your massage therapist anytime, anywhere.

QUICK CHARGE TECHNOLOGY: 2x faster-charging speeds than those USB charging port rollers. 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries give over 4 hours of use per charge.





The Vulken roller is a perfect gift for:

You’re beloved Wife/Husband/Mom/Dad/Seniors/Father/Mother.

Sports fans, men and women, who love Running, Yoga, Climbing, Weightlifting, Martial arts, Cycling, Boxing, and anything else that leaves muscles sore.




Extra Long Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller 4 Speeds Review:

You might be just like me until you finally purchase one of the best-selling extra-long vibrating foam rollers. I was skeptical about buying it, but it was on sale, and I thought this would finally do the job. The first time I used it on my lower back, I couldn’t believe how good it felt and how much relief it gave me from the pain. With a thin layer of foam and a vibration function, this roller is perfect for massage therapy during travel or at home if you want to feel like royalty all the time!

What are the Vulken Extra Long Vibrating Foam Roller 4 Speeds?

The Vulken Extra Long Vibrating Foam Roller is an excellent tool for traveling. It can help to reduce pain and inflammation, and it can also help to speed up the healing process. 

The tissue massager is made from high-quality foam and features four speeds. This roller can massage your muscles, joints, and tendons. The Vibrating Foam Roller is an excellent tool for travelers who want to heal their travel injuries quickly. It is also an excellent tool for people who want to improve their fitness level.

It’s an excellent deep tissue and trigger point massager for arms, legs, and back, a must-have sports accessory that delivers the highest penetration muscle relief.

Warm Up: Level 1 or 2- 1200RPM (20HZ)-2000RPM(33HZ)

Relax Muscles: Level 3- Pulsating vibrating

Release Muscle Knots and Tension: Level 4-3800RPM(63.3HZ)




General Usage of the Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller 4 Speeds

If you want a great way to maximize your travel experience, you must try the Vulken Extra Long foam roller with vibration. This toy is perfect for helping to loosen up muscles and joints before you travel. This is made from high-quality foam and comes with four speeds. You can use the roller to help relieve tension in your neck, shoulders, back, and other body areas.

It also relieves pain from sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other pain conditions. It is also a great way to improve your range of motion and flexibility. So why not grab a Vulken before you head out on your next trip? You won’t regret it!


If you’re looking for a great way to relax and de-stress during your travels, then a vibrating massager is the perfect travel tool. The Vulken Foam Roller is one of the most versatile and practical travel tools on the market. It can massage sore muscles, improve circulation, relieve stress, and much more.

The Tissue Massager for Muscle Recovery roller is made from high-quality foam that is both soft and flexible. This makes it easy to use and roll over your entire body. Plus, the long handle makes it easy to reach all the places you need it.

If you’re looking for a great way to relax and de-stress during your travels, then a best vibrating foam roller like Vulken – is the perfect travel tool. The vibration foam roller is versatile and practical, making it an excellent choice for anyone planning to travel soon.



How to Clean and Maintain Your Foam Roller:

The Wholesale foam rollers are the perfect travel tool for quickly and efficiently cleaning and massaging your skin. Here are some tips on how to keep your large foam roller in peak condition:

Always clean your foam roller before and after each use. Soak it in warm water and a mild soap solution, then dry it.

Maintain your electric foam roller by cleaning it once a month with a gentle brush or cloth. Follow the instructions that came with your foam roller.

If your foam roller becomes dirty or damaged, don’t hesitate to replace it. The vulken vibrating foam roller 4 Speeds 3800RPM high-intensity quick charge electric foam roller is designed for long-term use, so it’s worth investing in a quality product!




Advice for Newbies

If you’re new to foam rolling, here are a few tips to get started:

Start with small areas. Foam rolling is meant to be a gentle and relaxing experience, so don’t go crazy the first time you roll. Just focus on the smaller areas of your body.

Use a light touch. Again, foam rolling is supposed to be gentle and relaxing, so don’t use too much pressure when rolling. You can always increase the intensity of the massage later on if that’s what you’re looking for.

Take Vulken Extra Long Vibrating Foam Roller slow. Don’t try to foam roll every muscle in your body at once. Start with one or two small muscles and work your way up as you become more confident. It will be a best fitness trainer exercise for your body.





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