Exercise and Fitness are essential for our making life golden. Since the pandemic, we have faced many physical issues and gone to a physical therapist. Most of them apprehensive with healthy exercise. For this, many of us look to the gym. Those who don’t make enough time do work out at home exercise too. For home and gym exercise, under 100 price range – Cando offer you the best balance trainer. One pound weight Cando Non-Slip Inflatable Exercise Ball ideal for all ages. Latex-free material made that can support 300 lbs or 136kg. It’s called non-slip for its ribbed non-slip vinyl surface. That gives extra grip.


Why do you Need Cando30-1800 Blue Non-Slip PVC Vinyl Inflatable Exercise Ball?

Colors: Lime and Green (Available in yellow, orange, green, blue and red colors) 

Available in several sizes: 12”, 18”, 22”, 26”, 30”, 34”, 37”, 41”, 47”, 59” and 71”

Model Name: 30-1808

Material Built by: Latex Free, Ribbed non-slip surface

Package Ball Weight: 10 Pound

Exercise Ball Weight: 1 Pound

Weight Support: 300 lbs.

Benefitted for: aids for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy








CanDo Inflatable Exercise Balls make exercise fun. Home balance trainer improves balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.

Use a seat at the office to get work done at the office or as an exercise tool to work out at home.

Best stability disc for fitness enthusiasts, athletic trainers, and even pregnant women in birthing classes. A high class define exercise ball for improve balance coordination flexibility

30-1800 Blue comes underinflate. It offers the ball a soft, mushy feel or inflate. Blue exercise ball to its max for a firm, feel you bouncy. On the initial inflation, inflate the ball, wait 24 hours, and add more air to fill it to its large size. Best exercise ball for heavy person.

I’m quite sure the fit balls comes with a hand pump. You can use an air compressor. But read and follow the inflation instructions. You can’t inflate it 100% the first day.


Standard Mode




Train with a Cando Non-Slip Inflatable Exercise Ball

The CanDo Exercise Ball comes as expected. I gifted to my friend and he do great workout at home. It’s a great exercise ball and a great color like purple exercise ball. But it is a real effort to pump it up to get the creases out and inflate. First he gave up but hard to get later. It sticks out a bit. It’s then hard to get out, and he fear breaking the valve. It would be better to add a non-return valve. Because it deflates quite a bit between removing the pump and inserting the bung. Still, I suppose that might be an unreasonable expectation for this money.


You need a full 24 hours to inflate to capacity before using this ball. Fit home gym exercise balls help to get smart result in a by using the round shape. Weighted work out ball is massive and super bouncy. A 6 feet taller person decompresses the spine and regular stretching and exercise. Different sizes and colors like green exercise ball available. And don’t forget to check exercise ball plug hack.







How to deflate an exercise ball? It does inflate to a bit over 95cm, and it is still not inflated. I would say it is about 90% inflated. My friend Alex, 6’0″, weighing about 200lb and have had it for about 6 months. He’s using physio balls as we speak. It is solid, even handling the paws of my four dogs being around it.


Items need to check in receive time. Because some negative review comes about missing Plug, tip and puller bag. Otherwise, in the 100 price range, it’s a best inflate exercise ball.

Cando Non Slip Inflatable Exercise Ball is best for home and office workouts. Its release stretches and brings work energy. 12″ diameter Non-slip PVC vinyl exercise ball great for gym too. You can choose different colors and sizes according to your need. To fix the order for your healthy life making.




Exercise ball:









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