Finally, I got an amazing doubleup roller performance kit with sitting or standing features made Double-UP. After getting tired of using several foam rollers, I finally got the best muscle massager balance trainer. They were manufactured by DoubleUP – white/blue color used with foam material. Besides DoubleUP Rolling Performance Kit – Muscle Massager with Lever decor with aluminum, Ethylene made.

You can massage your muscle while comfortably standing or sitting. Stop getting down on the floor and twisting awkwardly to use a foam or muscle roller stick. To get a smart message in a short time – use the DoubleUP balance trainer roller to get easier relief and recovery treatments faster. Dual rollers easily massage “hard-to-reach” areas like your inner thigh while relieving tight IT bands.

I have multiple implements that I regularly use for self-massage. As an athlete in my 30s, self-massage is vital to my maintenance and recovery. Hands down, quick-change rollers are the best product that I have come across for massaging my legs. The muscle roller stick is intense and brings tears to my eyes every time I use it, but that’s only proof that I need it. Thank you for a solid product that will add years to my training longevity!





What Features are Offer by DoubleUP Roller?

All-in-One Solution: Instantly change roller pairings with the press of a button. From soft and smooth to firm and bumpy, the DoubleUP store has you covered. 5 Rollers are included with the case in the Performance Kit. Muscle Roller Stick offers a different type of massage that feels deeper in the body. The best foam balance pad feels great, and because you choose the pressure level, you can get it done quickly.

When I have muscle pain, it’s miserable, and this helps. For leg day recovery, especially, this will be great. I bought a massager primarily for my legs, I haven’t tried massaging my arms with it, but I am extremely impressed.




Relief and Recovery: DoubleUP’s unique lever-action pressure frame provides a 3X force multiplier for deep rolling with minimum effort. You have complete pressure control from very gentle to very deep.

Packable and Portable: Pack the frame and your favorite rollers into the included premium carrying case. It’s convenient for storage or transport, travels to your next activity. The case is included in the Performance Kit.

Built to Last: Every component is custom-made to a high-quality standard. With a welded steel and aluminum frame, precision ball bearings, and self-lubricating comfortable standing kits DoubleUP has been built to last.

EFFORTLESS PRESSURE CONTROL: Patent force-multiplying design that adjusts balance trainer rolling pressure from the gentle warmup. Foam Roller intense deep tissue massage inner body. Your muscle get Easy and effective for muscle relief and powerful enough for trigger point therapy or myofascial release.

INSTANTLY CUSTOMIZE TREATMENT: Unique roller quick-release lets you switch between EVA foam densities and contours that mimic various sports therapy techniques. Performance Kit includes five rollers.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: High Strength Steel Rugged design made of high-strength steel and aluminum. The rollers use precision ball bearings. Neatly collapses into the included case for storage or travel.






How To Use DoubleUP Roller Balance Trainer?

The recovery Kit includes a frame and two Medium rollers. The therapy Kit includes a frame and four rollers (2 Medium, 1 Ribbed, and 1 Bumpy). Performance Kit includes a frame, five rollers (2 Medium, 1 Ribbed, 1 Bumpy, 1 Soft), and a case.

Arms and Hands: Roll biceps, triceps, forearms, and hands. Rest one handle on your lap, and control the rolling pressure by gently squeezing the other handle.

Legs: DoubleUP is ideal for relieving sore or tight quadriceps, hamstrings, IT bands, adductors, and VMOs.

Glutes and Hip Flexors: Dig into glutes and hip flexors using the force-multiplying frame loaded with our firm ribbed or bumpy roller.

Calves and Feet: DoubleUP can even massage sore calves and tired feet while you are comfortably sitting.







I’ve never felt so strong enough before using DoubleUP balance trainer. I finally massage with a DoubleUP massager. For years, I have had leg pain and tightness in my hamstrings, IT band, and calves. I have tried various combinations of foam rolling, resistance band stretching, conventional stretching, slant board, lacrosse balls, hard rollers, rolling pins, massage, sauna, etc.

Nothing has made a discernible difference. I received a lever-action pressure control roller last night. Used it on both legs for a few minutes each. My legs feel better than they have in literally years. The pain and tightness have subsided to a noticeable extent with just those two sessions. Besides you can try total body depp tissue triggerpoint-self-massage.

Also, as an aside, I’m a freelancer and have a great appreciation for the elegance of this solution. I have always found conventional foam rollers limited as I can never get enough leverage, nor can I target the problem area quite enough. The Double Up Roller addressed the lack of leverage by adding levers. Brilliant.









Without any hesitation, order Double UP Roller Performance Kit – Muscle Massager with Lever. You get different types of foam rollers you can experiment with DoubleUP. Best balance trainer is very easy to use, and the lever-action makes it easy to apply pressure to the roller without exerting a lot of force.

Quick change rollers make foam rolling so much FASTER and EASIER, thereby more EFFECTIVE. You don’t have to get on the floor and contort your body. The double-side means you can roll the quad and hamstring, shin, and calf simultaneously. You can get to some hard-to-reach areas too.



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