I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for a good way to store my yoga mat. I’ve tried different types of racks, but they have all failed. Recently, I found the perfect solution. Mythinglogic Yoga Mat Storage Racks. These racks are the perfect solution for all. I’m tired of lugging my yoga mat around and tripping over it on the way to the bathroom. I’m a busy person and need a better way to store my mat. Mythinglogic meditation mat Storage Racks, Home Gym Storage Rack for Dumbbells Kettlebells Foam Roller works superb!


Mythinglogic Yoga Mat Storage Rack


Mythinglogic meditation Mat Storage Racks



Mythinglogic yoga Mat -Storage Rack


Features Of Mythinglogic Yoga Mat:

Storage Various Items: The organizer for workout storage can be used to organize the yoga mat kettlebells, dumbbells, yoga brick roller wheel, resistance band, foam roller, etc. The kettlebell yoga mat is ideal for anyone who loves yoga.

HIGH-QUALITY STORAGE RACK Yoga mats are constructed using high-end powder-coated finish steel. The entire structure is strong and durable and can last for many years. It is also ideal for various occasions, like personal gyms, at home, and fitness clubs and garages.

Heavy-Duty Caster: The gym’s storage rack, has four sturdy 4 strong 360-degree wheels (2 locks are lockable) and is moved easily outdoors, indoors, and anywhere you would like to place it.

Large CAPACITY storage organizer: The rack for storage comes with three layers of mesh made of metal, a side basket and iron holder with three sections, and a variety of hanging hooks that store different yoga gear or exercise tools.

EASY TO assemble: The dimension of the gymnasium organizer measure 40.4″(L) (L) x 15.7″(W) and 34.3″(H). If you follow the instructions, you can easily set up the entire unit.





Mythinglogic Yoga Mats USE IN HOME

Stylish storage rack for yoga equipment. The rack is easily integrated into the décor of the space. Excellent storage for sporting balance equipment in your space. Keep your room tidy. Storage of equipment for sports.


Ideal for storage of sports equipment in fitness studios. The space will be more neat and organized. Three-tier design. The resistance bands workout equipment storage organizer is more compact and makes it easier to locate the equipment you wish to use.


For storage in garages, it’s a great option. It is spacious enough to store sporting equipment. The design of wheels facilitates the move.


For storage in garages, it’s a great option. It’s big enough to store sporting equipment. The design of wheels allows for more comfort in moving.


Three-wire hooks. You can place your yoga mat vertically onto the hook. It can also hold elastic fitness bands, roller wheels, Pilate’s rings, etc.


Movable metal hooks are made from high-quality steel material. Use them to hang your resistance bands, skipping rope, or other equipment for sports.


Rack for storage of your yoga mat and elastic rod. Every yoga item will have a storage area. Side baskets are great for the storage of foam rollers. It can house more than two rollers. Brick bandroller can also use to store other sports equipment.



Mythinglogic meditation Mat Storage Rack



Mythinglogic yoga Mat Racks


Mythinglogic yoga Mat -Storage Racks


Pros and Cons:

I awe by how it was able to accommodate all of my equipment for workouts. The weight is also simple to move and doesn’t take up much space. I have two weights, 8lbs. 1 set of 15, 12 & 10’s. Bands, blocks, and a ball. It’s well-organized, and there’s plenty of room to add more.

I love dumbbells kettlebells foam roller yoga straps. Me trimmed down from 6bd/4bath to 3bd/2bath. I wanted an area to keep track of my go-to or gym equipment that I use at home rather than. The floor of my closet. The rack is robust, well-balanced, and simple to put together. I made a video for you to take a more detailed view of what this can hold. It can hold quite a lot of things!





It’s not difficult to put together. The gym organizer took me about 30 minutes by myself. There aren’t any details instructions, so look at the pictures that show them instructing you to insert the bolts. It definitely won’t support a lot of weight. However, it helped organize most of the things I needed off the floor. The workout storage organizer also easily rolls into and out of my closet (on solid wood flooring). I wouldn’t recommend it on the carpet.

Storage racks are a necessity for anyone who has a home gym. We all know how hard it can be to find a place for all of your equipment. That’s why we recommend This Yoga Mat Storage Racks. These racks design to hold your yoga mat and other gear, freeing up floor space.


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