After a long day’s workout, we lookout for relaxation. Relaxation does not mean watching TV, and sometimes we need more. And more need for our body relaxation.  That’s a problem solved by TriggerPoint Total Body Deep Tissue Self-Massage. TriggerPoint allows people to move and feel better.

Their unique design creates innovative massage therapy. It copycats the touch of a therapist’s hands. So people of all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities can feel their best. It guided by a passion for improving personal wellness. TriggerPoint become one of the successful leaders who offer at-home massage tools. Also in the athletic, healthcare, and personal wellness markets.

Features of TriggerPoint Performance 6 Pieces of Message Balls:


TriggerPoint Total Body Deep Tissue Self Massage


 TriggerPoint Deep Tissue Self-Massages


Performance self massage kit designed for athletes to improve flexibility. Also provide a range of motion, and tissue strength while addressing muscle tightness

Includes Quadballer, Footballer, and Baller Block, two MB1 Massage Balls. Also, add TP2 Ball Sleeve, and access to instructions on the Trigger Point video portal. Enjoy the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty too.

Step-by-step online instructions guide by TriggerPoint Performance. You can easy-to-follow self massage techniques covering twelve areas of the body.

Education for both web and mobile platforms allows you to manage your therapeutic self-care at home, in the gym, or on the road.


What is the Specialty of TriggerPoint Self-Massage Collection?

Trigger Point Massage Ball, Footballer, Baller Block, Quadballer, and TP2 Ball Sleeve.

Targets 12 release areas: Pectorals, Latissimus Doris, Thoracic Spine, Quadriceps, Vastus Medialize Oblique, Piriformis, Psoas, Peroneal, Tbilisi Anterior, Gastrocnemius, and Soleus.

The TP Massage Ball targets deep tissue massage and it has a firm core wrapped in material.

The Footballer is a perfect sized roller for hands-free compression of the lower foot and leg.

The Baller Block provides elevation for optimal range and application of pressure, it also houses the Footballer when not in use.

The Quadballer delivers firm and targeted compression to problem areas such as the quad, lower back, and hamstrings.

The TP2 Ball Sleeve couples two massage balls together to address comfort and release pain in the lower, mid and upper back.


Best Massage Balls For Total Body Deep Tissue:


TriggerPoint Total Body Deep Tissue Self Massages


TriggerPoint Deep Tissue Self-Massage



Best fitness equipment buy ever for my body massage. Completely, it’s expensive but worth it. You can massage every muscle in your body with this set. I work in physical therapy, and I love the TriggerPoint Deep Tissue kit. Functioning great, getting much use, and holding up well. The collection comes with a login to their website. Videos describe different TriggerPoint and rolling techniques. A prodigious deal for fitness!

Very Effective Self-Massage for Relief Pain: 

The videos and photos are very helpful. I am using the home therapeutic massage balls at least once a day. After message, noticing a lesser amount of pain and more flexibility. I recommend the balance trainer use TriggerPoint collection for anyone. It comes with sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis. Effective, gentle, yet deep roller releases tense tissues and opens up tone in the tissues. It is expensive but far more effective for my body than alternatives. I’ve tried including the WOD fitter’s roller and standard foam rollers. They will last for many years of use.

Recommend for Health Conscious Users:

I have always loved playing jogging, soccer, and basketball besides my job. I have experienced everything during a workout. Slight muscle tweaks to a painful muscle pull as I have aged. In the past, I rested, iced, compressed, and elevated. But TriggerPoint self massage, I can pinpoint the tweak or knot and massage it. Also, move blood around, and muscle tightness better and faster. I recommend addressing muscle strainer for anyone. Active wants to maintain your body to avoid muscle pulls. And if they do happen, to help heal them.





Pros and Cons:

I’ve started to use these rollers on my feet and leg muscles, and they seem to work very well. Well-made 6 pieces massage tool. Impressed with the quality, plus online links show different uses. So buy this set besides the 2.6″ and 5′ Trigger Point Foam Massage Ball for Deep Tissue Massager. I recommend this product over others I have seen or read. It took the small two balls to work and used them there.

A 180 lbs. person perfect for over roll his body. Otherwise, over healthy people cases, it may break. And don’t forget to check out the instruction and video portal to receive the order.

In verdict to say, TriggerPoint Total Body Deep Tissue Self Massage is the best massage tool for me. After a few minutes, it relieved my pain and boosting energy for the next session. For sports, athletes, or gym users, it is quite a famous massage tool. Also, it’s inexpensive – so pick TriggerPoint Massage Ball for your health glory.



Pain Relief Foam Rollers:










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