The Body-Solid Roller and Yoga Mat Storage Cart – black colors, looks cool. Perfect for my home yoga tools storage. An exceptional storage cart for my yoga session helps me to smart store and findings during meditation.

I don’t know of any yoga or gym, commercial use that doesn’t have to innovate a way of storing mats and foam-rollers like Body-Solid Store GYR500. While most foam rollers in my studio are on racks; a body-solid rolling storage cart is perfect and convenient for surplus inventory. Four-wheeled yoga mat storage cart GYR500 is also easy to assemble and very sturdy. 18.5 kg weighted foam roller makes my home yoga at a wonderful level.

The Body-Solid Foam Roller Storage Cart (GYR500) is a simple and effective storage solution for small studios, gyms, and home workout areas. Effective Solution storage cart holds up to 12 foam rollers or yoga mats, keeping your equipment organized and secure. Besides you can try mythinglogic yoga mat storage racks.

The yoga mat holder features a four-wheeled design for easy transport, with two lockable wheels to keep it in place when stationary. The steel mainframe is durably designed to stand up to everyday use, making the yoga mat rack a great choice for workout facilities of any size.





Rollers come with 4 wheels and are all Lockable. So it keeps the storage cart standing in any corner for a long time.

Built-in superb quality, foam built that’s heavier and sturdy.  

Steel Mainframe is perfect for our yoga Matts and foam rollers.

Perfect for home gym equipment and storing things

Very well made. Easy to assemble up to 12 rolls

Best Yoga Mats for long term meditation too


Little expensive but No other issue found yet. Great product.


Body-Solid Rollers and Yoga Mat Storage



Body-Solid Roller and Yoga Mat Storage





Body-Solid Yoga Mat Storage Cart are quite handy, a smart feature made that makes fitness-conscious users work easier. Heavier duty material made – foam, for this it looks may little expensive. By ordering, you get Includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Best Mobile rack store for money keeps yoga users now smarter and mentally sharper. 


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