Life moves fast. We’re pulled in a million directions all at once – work, family, friends, hobbies. With so many responsibilities and distractions, it can feel impossible to find stillness and focus. This is where balance boards come in. These versatile tools help develop core strength, balance, and coordination in fun new ways. Using a wooden balance board just a few minutes a day will get you centered and focused, providing a host of health benefits.


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What is a Balance Board?

A balance board is a round platform set atop a fulcrum or roller. The board tilts side to side or front to back, challenging users to engage their core and find their balance. Most boards have anti-slip grips on top and bottom to prevent sliding.

Balance boards emerged in the surfing and skateboarding worlds as a way to develop balance and coordination. They quickly made their way into fitness, therapy, and training across many disciplines. From yoga to boxing and beyond, balance boards help athletes improve their agility, strength, and mindfulness.

Benefits of Balance Board Training


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The benefits of balance board workout are immense. Regular use has been shown to:

Unlike stationary exercise routines, balancing engages the whole body and mind. It constantly challenges users to make micro-adjustments, training essential muscles and focus.


Balance Board Benefits for Kids

Balance board kids provide a fun way to develop strength, coordination, and confidence for kids. Balancing engages muscles that stabilize, focus, and center the body. It also relieves stress through physical exertion.


Balance board kids


With supervision, balance boards can benefit children as young as 5 or 6. Start on a wide, stable board with a spotter. Holding the wall for support is helpful initially. Once they find their balance, watch their agility take off!

Balancing engages key muscle groups in the abdomen, back, and legs. It also improves focus, reaction time, and persistence – skills that build confidence. As kids progress, increase the challenge by choosing less stable boards. They’ll have a blast while developing strength for sports and fitness activities.


Balance Board Exercises for Seniors

As we age, balance and coordination diminish. Falls have become an increasing concern. Balance board training is a fun way for seniors to improve stability and prevent falls. Start slowly and use boards with a wide, stable surface. Also be sure to get a doctor’s approval before starting any new exercise routine.

The 60up Balance Board exercises are designed specifically for seniors’ needs. Its square shape provides a large stable platform to find your balance. Textured grips ensure your feet stay planted firmly. At just 5 pounds, it’s lightweight yet supports over 300 pounds.


60up balance board exercises


Here are some great balance board exercises for seniors to try:

Aim for just 5-10 minutes of balancing to start. Focus on stability, balance, and having fun! With regular practice, you’ll see improvements in posture, strength, and confidence. 


Top 5 Wooden Balance Boards

Wooden balance boards provide a warm, eco-friendly feel. The natural grip of real wood is ideal for bare feet or yoga. Wood also absorbs shock better than hard plastics. Choose the best balance board which is right board for you. Here are 5 of the best wooden boards available today:


Balance Board Key Features
Yes4All Wooden Balance Board – 100% birch wood

– Large 15 inch surface

– Lightweight at just over 7 pounds

– Rugged build quality

– 13 inch fulcrum roller

BOSU Balance Trainer – Half dome, half flat surface

– Natural wood over durable plastic dome

– Built-in hand grips for stability

– Supports up to 300 pounds

– Non-slip rubber bottom

URBNFit Wooden Wobble Balance Board – Foldable raised edges for storage

– Solid beech wood deck

– Large 6 inch equilibrium half-ball

– Rubberized deck for traction

– Supports over 200 pounds

Profitness Wooden Balance Board – Extra-wide 18 inch deck

– Angled wooden base for multidirectional tilt

– Dense birch construction

– High-grip foam deck pads

– Textured bottom prevents sliding

Indo Balance Board – Unique pivoting fulcrum for rocking

– Continuous instability challenges balance

– Textured deck coating for grip

– Molded cushions enable smooth tilt

– Supports up to 200 pounds

1. Yes4All Wooden Balance Board

The Yes4All balance board is a top seller for good reason. At 15 inches wide, it provides a large but stable surface for beginners. The bottom is fitted with a 13 inch roller for tilting action. Dual support blocks prevent excess rolling.


Yes4All Premium Surf Balance Board



The board has a beautiful sanded finish with gripping rubber pads. Its lightweight but solid wood construction holds up to 250 pounds. Reviewers praise the Yes4All board for its simplicity, quality, and reasonable price. It’s a perfect entry-level balance board.

Key Features:

2. BOSU Balance Trainer

The BOSU Balance Trainer has a unique design – one half is flat while the other domed. Flip it over to switch between stability and instability training. This adds challenge and versatility beyond a standard balance board.

The BOSU features a durable rubber dome attached to a sturdy wooden platform. Non-slip grip pads ensure stability. This balance trainer board supports users up to 300 pounds with ease. Personal trainers and athletes alike praise the quality. It may cost more but delivers an excellent full-body workout.

Key Features:

3. URBNFit Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Wobble balance board exercises makes you better at standing upright. You feel more stable walking on even and uneven surfaces. This wooden balance board from URBNFit has a unique folding design. The raised edges fold down when not in use for easy storage. Pop them up to create a 12 inch circular surface.

The bottom dome is 6 inches tall, providing greater instability than the flatter options. This challenges core muscles while improving balance and coordination. Despite the rounded base, rubber grips keep the board from sliding too far.

The board’s solid beech wood construction supports over 200 pounds. Reviewers love the portability and storage-friendly design. It’s a great option for small spaces.

Key Features:

4. Profitness Wooden Balance Board

This Profitness model provides an extra-wide surface for stability. At 18 inches across, even beginners can find their balance with ease. The angled wooden base adds instability in all directions to keep your core engaged.

High-grip foam pads ensure your feet stay planted. Crisscross grooves on the bottom prevent sliding as you tilt. The board is built from dense, durable birch to support over 250 pounds. Users love the stability and quality at a budget price.

Key Features:

5. Indo Balance Board

The Indo Board has a unique rocking motion for serious core, balance, and coordination training. A wooden deck sits atop a molded plastic fulcrum. Roll side-to-side or front-to-back by shifting your weight.

This board is preferred by athletes, martial artists, yogis, and physical therapists. The instability demands constant micro-adjustments, engaging your whole body. With practice, the motions become fluid, enhancing agility.

The deck’s gripped coating ensures stable footing. Underneath, rubber cushions provide a smooth rocking motion. The high-end construction supports users up to 200 pounds. The Indo Board is pricier but delivers an unparalleled balance challenge.

Key Features:

Balance Board Exercises and Routines

Once you have a quality wooden board, it’s time to start training! Here are some great exercises and routines to try:

Beginner Exercises


wooden balance board


If you’re just starting out, these are the balance board exercises for beginners to start:

Intermediate Exercises

Once you’ve built initial balance and stability try these more challenging core balance board exercises:

Advanced Balance Board Exercises

Take your workout to the next level by trying these challenging advanced exercises on your balance board:

For the greatest balance and achieve the best result in balance board exercises for core strength, aim for 10-15 minutes of advanced exercises. Always listen to your body and take breaks as needed.


Balance Training Tips and Precautions


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Keep these tips in mind for safe, effective balance board training:

With patience and practice, balance training provides awesome full-body benefits. Use your new wooden balance board to enhance your focus, fitness, and fun!



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