To keep fit, a balance board is essential. RiversEdge Products Adjustable Slant Board is a Birchwood-made tool for all age’s clarification. RiversEdge is a premium balance board for injury recovery. Recommended by physical therapists. Pandemics make us a challenger. During the tough time, we need to concern about our health and fitness.

Makes your muscles more responsive during exercise. RiversEdge Board helps you stretch properly and reduce the chance of injury. The USA made multi-functional slant board is adjustable to 5 Positions: 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°, and 35°. Also stately 18″(Deep X 16″(Wide) X 12″(High); Anti-slip safety treads.






Muscle Responsive slant board made of high-quality Birch plywood, stronger and last longer than others made of Laquan and pine plywood. Not only accommodating for stretching before and after working out, but also beneficial to the body’s recovery. From plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains, and other foot and ankle injuries and pain. 

Review of RiversEdge Slant Board: 

The professional gym trainer and physical therapist recommend a strong slant board like RiversEdge. So far, I don’t have an experiment yet with the USA assembled Birch come plywood made board. But one word to say, it’s a 5-star board. No negative reviews seen so far and most users recommend the firm balance trainer. RiversEdge Model 15.800 has a smaller footprint. 275-320 lb. weight capacity. Adjustability makes the home balance trainer very easy for calf stretch at any level of condition. Great quality and very robust. I’m able to do incline squats and Calf stretches on it.


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What is an adjustable slant board?

A slant board is a piece of balance equipment that can be used for various exercises and stretches. It is a flat board with an angled surface that can be adjusted to different degrees, ranging from low to high angles. The board’s angle allows users to work on different muscles and body parts depending on their fitness goals.

The adjustable feature of this type of slant board makes it highly customizable and suitable for people at all levels of fitness. Not only does it provide support during exercise, but it also helps beginners ease into more difficult positions gradually while providing challenging workout opportunities for advanced individuals.

The design typically includes non-slip treads or grips that ensure stability during use so you don’t fall off balance when performing your exercises. Some models come with additional features such as resistance bands, rollers or even massagers, increasing their versatility in workouts and stretching routines.

Moreover its offers endless possibilities in terms of workouts, making it a valuable addition to any home gym setup or rehabilitation program aimed at increasing flexibility, strengthening core muscles and promoting better posture.



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How does an adjustable Non-Slip slant board work?

A slant board is a piece of exercise equipment that helps improve your overall health and wellness. It allows you to perform exercises at different angles, targeting specific muscle groups. 

When using an adjustable slant balance board, you can adjust the angle to increase or decrease the difficulty level for each exercise. This means you can tailor your workout to meet your needs and fitness goals.

The concept behind it is simple – it allows you to use gravity as resistance during exercises such as squats, lunges, and calf raises. Working against this added resistance forces your muscles to work harder than they would on a flat surface.

Using a slant board also helps with stretching and flexibility exercises. The incline allows for deeper stretches while reducing the risk of injury.

Incorporating an adjustable slant balance board into your workout routine can help improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and overall athletic performance.


The benefits of using an adjustable slant board

A slant board can benefit individuals of all ages and fitness levels. First and foremost, this device is an excellent tool for stretching and strengthening the lower leg muscles. The slanted surface allows users to easily target specific areas of the calf, ankle, and foot.

Additionally, using a slant board regularly may help improve balance and stability by challenging the body’s proprioceptive system. This can be especially beneficial for athletes or anyone looking to prevent falls or injuries.

Another advantage of its ability to alleviate pain in the feet, ankles, and shins caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis or shin splints. Painting may decrease over time by gently stretching these areas regularly through exercises like toe raises or calf stretches.

Furthermore, incorporating an adjustable slant balance board into your daily routine may also offer mental health benefits such as stress relief. Stretching has been shown to release endorphins which can boost mood and reduce overall anxiety levels.

Adding slant board to your exercise regimen can enhance flexibility, strength, and balance, reducing pain and boosting mental well-being.


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In summary to say. RiversEdge Adjustable -Slant Board is a budget-friendly tool for all ages. For those who felt leg injury like me, it’s a promise able solution. With its 5 adjustable positions – with anti-slip safety treads, you can work out smartly. That’s why it’s an all-ages slant board. So bring the body recovery from plantar fasciitis and enjoy your health status.


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