I elect up Revbalance 101 v2 Balance Board Sports Trainer three months ago because I’ve used many balance boards, like the Bosu Elite and Yes 4 All’s Premium wooden board. I was looking for a greater challenge after backup from a leg injury. The hardcore workouts board is more challenging than the other boards I’ve tried. I’m pretty advanced by using from other boards. I use them while freelancing all day and doing various one-legged yoga poses.

I get time to make weight-lifting moves. On the sports trainer board, I like a beginner again! I recommend starting on either thick carpet or grass. I thought I would be a principal in a week and start using a balance trainer at my standing desk. That would only result in me captivating the cubes next to me! If you’re looking for a greater challenge, then Revbalance v2 is the board roller for you of the century.

Revolution Revbalance 101 v2 Balance Board Store Product Description: 

Revbalance boards are a ton of fun to use. The main object so many people practice them. The fact that they provide so many other benefits is a huge bonus. There are three colors come in Revbalance Balance Boards.






Revbalance 101 Balance Board Sports Trainer



All-Around Training: Use physical therapy balance training equipment for fun, hardcore workouts to learn many tricks while watching TV. The 101 v2 can use in any way you can imagine. Revbalance V2 offers you the inspiration you need with the included digital guide. It’s fun to use with a wide variety of challenges for the user. I have noticed hips the short time I used this, so my hips and core are solid. It translates into a stronger skating technique.

Use it barefoot, with shoes, or try it doing planks and pushups. It’s exhausting, but it works you out well.


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How to Use a Balance Board? Instructions: The manufacturer says it’s best to learn on the carpet. But we found that there was too much resistance to rolling with our standard depth carpet. An old yoga mat on a hard floor is ideal for practicing. V2 board gives the right amount of confrontation. That you can balance deprived of the board flying off. I’ve now progressed to a hardwood floor. Now I find the relaxation once I’m looking for and balancing, but it’s tricky to get started.






Mag switch Adjustable Stops: The 101 v2 features include a magnetic stop system. That is adjustable in seconds without any tools. Beginners can start slow by setting a shorter rolling distance and working up to the strain. The Pro Trainers can take it further by removing the stops altogether.

I had to look at these for a while and try the best stability disc out. I’m so pleased I did! It’s fun to use, and my whole family uses it. Ideal for ages 9 above to 45 years older. I’m 31 now, my wife is 26, and my son is now 9 years – all we have fun with Revbalance premium v2.

We are in progress with a fitness gear balance disc on the carpet. Then a high area rug, and progressed to the hardwood floor in about a week. I love that my son roll-on the balance board while we are watching TV.

Dura-soft Grip: Our entire traction surface is comfortable to use with bare feet. Like wear shoes, and super durable at the same time. It comes to fitness gear balance disc. It won’t scratch you or your floors like other boards made with rough grip tape. Solid exercise gear. Good grip with bare feet. It presents a dynamic challenge even for advanced, athletic individuals. The only concern is the cork used on the board may not sturdy.





Includes Full Digital Guide: The comprised guide walks you through getting started. By the board, all the way through advanced tips and tricks. The guide also features videos, workouts, and specific training techniques. Beginners can start with the 101 v2 thanks to its easy adjustability and built-in detailed digital guide. You can evolve to more advanced settings over time. Even skilled manipulators will endure finding innovative ways to challenge themselves.







Start Slow, Go Big: Beginners can start with the 101 v2. Thanks for its smart adjustability and comprehensive digital guide. You can progress to more advanced settings over time. Even the skilled handlers will continue to find new conducts to challenge themselves. My 10-year-old loves this. He uses the board as a training instrument for ice hockey. He will balance and stick the handle at the same time.

Very well made. Make sure you have a guide or something to help you up. During you’re first starting, for this is a hard thing to do like great. If 6.77 pounds boards can carry me, 200-pound self – it’s for you. It’s a cheaper alternative to the balance board, at around 200 bucks.

Premium Construction: V2 Designed and handcrafted in the USA, the 101 v2 constructs to last and look good. It is challenging, but I bring Revbalance also for my son to work on balancing. The whole top shields with a soft slip waterproof coating that makes it comfortable to use with or starved of shoes.

Revolution Balance Board is larger than I alleged it would be. It’s a good entity. It seems like the best quality made balance provided. I recommend it to anyone. I will look into the Revolution Fit board if you want more base options besides the roller, as it comes with 3 different centers.







It’s very good for strengthening your ankles.

Boards without groves allow you to be freer to experiment and be more creative.

Revbalance Blue boards come with solid construction. That’s why it’s easy to use and very portable. It works well with a standing desk. There is nothing like the persistent threat of injury or property damage. It sharpens the senses and focuses the mind – you can define it as mind training.


The stops don’t work very well. The common balance boards often fall. By stops on the underside have locked onto the roller, and you can’t get it to roll back.




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I wrap up, Revbalance 101 v2 Balance Board Sports Trainer is a High-quality balance board. It’s durable and attractive, and I’m sure the inflatable exercise rocker will hold up for years! I’ve had the item for about a week now and use it when watching TV, and it makes me feel less guilty about doing so. Good for building core strength and, of course, balance!

Enclosed flyers give pointers about how to get started and make it more challenging as you improve. I recommended the firm balance trainer for your health fitness glow!


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