Hey, fitness friends! If you’re looking to step up your training game this year, a solid pair of new balance training shoes should be at the top of your gear list. Not only do the right kicks provide the support and stability you need to crush your workouts, but they also help prevent injury so you can keep hitting the gym hard. New Balance has long been a top choice for athletic footwear due to its technology, durability and wide range of shoe shapes for all types of feet.

I recently tested out several of their latest training shoe models to help you pick the perfect pair to reach your fitness goals. Whether you love HIIT classes, heavy lifting, or running solid miles, New Balance has a trainer ready to go the distance with you.Keep reading for the full scoop on the brand’s newest options for cross trainer shoes, cardio, weightlifting and more!


The Best New Balance Training Shoes for HIIT & Cardio:



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When it comes to high intensity interval training and steady state cardio, you need a shoe that’s light and breathable yet provides the right amount of stability and shock absorption. These are my top picks from New Balance for whatever HIIT and cardio goals you’re crushing in 2023:


New Balance training shoes SuperComp Trainer:

If you’re all about the treadmill, sledge pushes, and jumping moves in your favourite HIIT class, the New Balance SuperComp Trainer should be your new BFF (best friends forever). This mesh shoe has a flexible upper to move with you, while the dual-density midsole and moulded heel counter keep you supported.

You can move in all directions. I also love the unique lacing system that really locks in your midfoot for a secure fit. Don’t be fooled by its feather feel, though – the one-piece rubber outsole can stand up to whatever you dish out.


New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam X 880v12:

The 880v12 is an excellent neutral trainer ready to log miles with you on the track, pavement, treadmill and elliptical. A plush Fresh Foam X midsole cushions each stride, while the no-sew engineered mesh upper is super breathable.

I found these to be really responsive trainers that felt fast and springy, whether I was running laps or banging out sprints. A wider forefoot and asymmetrical heel counter provide a natural fit. For road running shoes with a smooth, stable ride, the 880v12 is a solid choice.


New Balance Women’s FuelCell RC Elite v2:

If you’re training for your next 5k or 10k PR (personal record), consider the FuelCell RC Elite v2. It’s got a carbon fibre plate for a propulsive toe-off and ample cushioning courtesy of the DNA FLASH midsole. Despite the soft, bouncy feel, these still provide great ground contact – perfect for faster sessions or tempo runs.

I liked the wider forefoot fit that accommodates my toes splaying when I pick up the pace. The lightweight, breathable mesh upper is nice and airy too. While it’s a splurge, the RC Elite v2 gives you an efficient, resilient ride for chasing new race day records.


Lift More with New Balance Weightlifting Shoes:



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Having the proper footwear in the gym can really up your training, especially when you’ve got a barbell or dumbbell in your hand. Check out these New Balance options designed to support strength gains:


New Balance Women’s FM Train Dome TR 1.0:

My top pick for a versatile training shoe that works overtime in the weight room. The durable leather upper reinforces your medial/lateral movements, while the wide outsole base stabilises heavy lifts like squats and deadlifts. I found these to be really grippy on gym floors with a fit similar to cross trainers. The low-profile midsole lets you feel grounded through each rep. As an added bonus, they’re also great for short conditioning workouts or agility drills to build explosive power. An all-around gym shoe ready for PRs!


New Balance Women’s Coast v4:

If you want a lifting shoe with a bit more midsole cushion, look into the Coast v4. It has a flexible, breathable upper with asymmetrical lacing for forefoot lockdown. The Revlite midsole compresses with each heel strike yet provides durable cushion for comfortable wear during long sessions. Test them out for split squats, tire flips, box jumps or sledge training. I have yet to find a workout at my CrossFit box these couldn’t handle!


New Balance Minimus Prevail Weightlifting Shoe:

When I’m focused on my Oly lifts, nothing beats the Minimus Prevail. The lightweight, flexible upper features an open-toe design allowing your toes to really grip and push through each clean or snatch. Try best women’s cross training shoes.

A sturdy External TPU heel counter and Vibram rubber outsole keep you laterally stable when lifting heavy. I also use these for landmine exercises, thrusters, and strict shoulder presses to really engage my lower body. If you want a barefoot feel but a bit more protection, give the Minimus Prevail a try!

Find Your Balance with New Balance Training Shoes For Men and Women:


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Whether you’re brand new to working out or a seasoned athlete, building balance, flexibility and coordination should be part of your routine. Balance equipment helps develop functional fitness, improve performance, and prevent injury. Check out these top-rated New Balance Training Shoes styles for your balance training needs:


New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1:

I like the Nergize V1 for improving stability during bodyweight moves or using on the BOSU. The moulded midsole cradles and supports your foot during single-leg exercises while the mesh upper is really flexible. There’s just enough cushion for floor work like planks or side lunges too. If you take barre or Pilates classes at the gym, these cross trainer shoes make a great choice as well.


New Balance Women’s 411v2:

You can never go wrong with the classic 411 – it’s one of New Balance’s bestselling styles for good reason. These versatile new balance cross training shoes provide the perfect balance of cushioning and support for general gym sessions. I use mine for balance ball exercises, yoga, stretching and core work. The suede/mesh upper and rubber outsole are durable after being used in the studio for years. For an affordable, trusted shoe that works well for balance training, turn to the 411v2.


New Balance Men’s MX608v5:

Want maximum foot control and sensory feedback for balance, mobility and trigger point work? Check out the MX608v5. With a thin, flexible sole and heel, you can really engage your foot muscles to find your centre of gravity and work on precise movements.

I love how these allow me to feel the ground beneath my feet during single-leg balances or mobility circuits. The leather upper also conforms to your foot’s shape nicely over time. For men seeking a versatile, minimalist shoe for balance and stretching – this new balance cross training shoe MX608v5 fits the bill. You can try

New Balance Mens Fuelcell Rebel,

K-swiss men’s cross training shoes.


Additional Factors to Consider When Selecting The Best Training Shoes:


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Foot Type : Determine if you have a neutral, overpronated or underpronated foot. This affects the amount of stability and cushioning you need. Getting fitted at a specialty running store can help identify your foot type.

Cushioning : Look for shoes with adequate cushioning for high-impact workouts like HIIT training or running. Materials like ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyurethane foam provide shock absorption. Less cushioning is needed for strength training or flexibility exercises.

Breathability: Well-ventilated mesh uppers allow airflow to keep feet cool and comfortable during sweaty training sessions. This prevents moisture buildup inside the shoe.

Weight: Lightweight trainers between 8-12 ounces are ideal for cardio, plyometrics and speed work. Heavier shoes offer more stability for lifting weights or balance trainer exercises.

Outsole: Durable carbon rubber outsoles with traction patterns grip studio floors and prevent slipping during agility drills or lateral moves. A smooth tread works well for martial arts or boxing.

Comfort: The shoe should fit snugly without any pinching or pressure points. Look for a wide toe box to allow natural toe splay. Removable insoles accommodate custom orthotics if needed.

Style: Consider if you want a low-cut, mid-cut or high-top shoe based on the mobility needs of your chosen activity. Lace-up or slip-on/Velcro closures both cross trainer offer adjustable fits.

Intended Use : Match the shoe to your training – running, cross-training, plyometrics, weightlifting, flexibility training, balance trainer exercises, etc. Specific shoes are made for different types of workouts.

With so many gym shoe options available today, take the time to select the right pair for your individual needs and fitness regimen. Proper training footwear can help maximise your performance while keeping your feet and joints healthy.



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There you have it – my picks for the best New  training shoes of 2023! With so many options out there, deciding on the right sneakers for your specific training goals can be tough. I hope these reviews have helped narrow down your choices across different types of workouts. Remember that the best shoe is one that keeps you supported, comfortable and injury free so you can perform your best.

Start shopping and try some new balance training shoes for 2023. Your feet will thank you when you’ve found that Goldilocks pair! What shoes have you been crushing your workouts in lately? Let me know in the comments your favorites for training. Now quit reading and go get those fitness gains – you’ve got the right kicks for it!


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