After recovering from a leg injury, I need refreshment and fun abroad. My friend who loves skateboarding suggested I buy a sports balance board. After market analysis, I feel about IDNO Board. I fell for INDO BOARD Original Balance Board for Fun last month. It helps my balance with roller derby. Among 11 colors, my eye feels for “Mountain” colors.

I can feel the transformation after using it every other day or so! I’m plentiful more stable, and confident on my skates. After finding your balance on the board – you can improve DIY. I’ve even started doing squats and planks using the Indo Board and, thankfully, improved my core already! I have used top balance boards. But among non-slip rollers, INDO is a quality balance board. I recommend one wheel balance board for anyone looking to improve their balance and Sports Counter!

Why You Need INDO BOARD Original Non-Slip Deck and a 6.5″ Roller

Best balance boards for beginners

Choose according to your passion – 11 colors.

Fourteen pounds weight balance board can lift 275 lbs.

Physical therapy balance equipment

Surf practice balance board

Balance board for core strength

Best wobble board for ankle rehab






Key Features INDO BOARD Original:

The INDO BOARD has been part of the sports and active lifestyle community for over 20 years. Balance Boards Have Use In Fitness Centers and High-Performance Gyms All Over The World. INDO BOARD is the Most Recognized and Respected Name of Balance Boards Worldwide. It uses and Endorsed by Olympic, World and National Champions in every Sport.

The INDO BOARD is all about creativity and challenging yourself. The best INDO board makes training more fun and effective: surf, Snowboard, Ski, Lakesurf, Team Sports, Martial Arts, Motor Sports and more.


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Winter sports balance training: It used and Endorsed by the US Ski and Snowboarding Team. The INDO BOARD is a must for Winter Sports Training. The fitness like balance trainer features a 30″ X 18″ Cabinet-Grade. Made by Birch Wood Deck with a Non-Slip Finish and a 6.5″ Indestructible, Molded Plastic Roller.

Since 1998 the most popular Balance Board for Surfers: INDO developed for Surfers. The INDO BOARD has been the most authentic and core Balance Board for Surfers since 1998.

Perfect Training for Wake surfing and Wakeboarding: No matter your sport, your Fitness and Balance Training should be challenging. Enjoy 11 colour choices INDO Board for function and fun. Get INDO and accept the challenge of your balance!






Review of INDO BOARD Original Balance Board for Fun

I have centered on a skateboard balance board a few times. The strong board has a good workout and is a great balance trainer. The other cushion accessory is challenging, much more than the roller is. Yet, you are unlikely to go flying with the cushion. The cushion works the entire lower body as the board moves in all directions. Not like left and right and up and down like:

Strength Training

Injury Prevention

Physical Therapy

Injury Rehabilitation

Improving Neuromuscular Response.








We’ve all busted our butts at least once on the roller. The boys shook it off, but I fell pretty hard and bruised my shoulder on a hard floor. I recommend using a couch as a fail-safe until you master mounting the board. I’d also mention doing it on a thick carpet, not a hardwood floor and area rug!! A twist board comes with a lifetime investment. The wooden wobble board is lots of fun and unlimited workout, and my guys love it. They’ve shown significant improvement on it as well.


I use the Indo Board for 10 to 20 minutes daily, and I can feel my muscle working nonstop. The barrel is a bit tough, and I recommend getting the cushion if you are not an experienced boarder. You can also do various fun exercises while on the board, adding challenges to those mundane workout regimes. You must have it if you are trying to improve your balance and core. I recommend some features to a lookout with roller with 11 color features:





For Bamboo Beach graphic

Natural graphic

Doodle graphic

Balance Board for Fun:

Indo Board Original is the perfect balance board for fun! This unique toy provides an engaging way to improve balance and coordination while having a lot of fun. Indo Board Original is easy to use, requiring just a little imagination and coordination. Indo Board Original is the perfect choice if you are looking for a unique way to exercise or want to have some fun!






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INDO BOARD Original Balance Board: Pros and Cons

My eight year loves wake surf balance board! Above six years, I able to practice on it. My son can balance improved. He can ride a stunt scooter, and the surfboard of this board has helped him with his core strength and balance. Best tool for core balance. It takes a little while to learn, but excellent for building muscle. The best balance board for surfing comes with a 4.9-star review from present users.

On the board has WARNING: Use at Your Own Risk. Well, everything uses at your own risk! Even your toothbrush, If you fall within your mouth, you will regret it.





Love INDO BOARD Original – Balance Board for Fun! I use the best wooden balance board all the time. The fit home gym best part is that I can feel my posture and balance improving. The rolling balance board takes one or two uses to get it down, but after that, you’re good. I recommend using fun fitness sports training behind a couch or something you can grab onto and hold your weight. I would have wiped out pretty bad a few times if I didn’t have something to catch myself. Other than that, this is an incredible balance roller.


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