Welcome back to Balance Coaches. We are beside your health fitness guideline. You get stuck all day on a daily schedule and miss exercise. Don’t be afraid about losing your health. We bring an intelligent solution for you. It’s FluidStance Standing Desk Balance Board for your glory and fitness. First to know about FluidStance. FluidStance creates a designed 5lbs balance board. It brings motion to any everyday work or meeting area.

The FluidStance Plane intended to give you a little bit of fitness by adding movement and balance. Enjoy your day, from your standing desk to the conference room to your living room. 






The base material used as molded recycled plastic that can recycle in the future. 24*12*2.5” dimension standing desk balance board has a solid rocker. It’s a patented design that limits heel-toe motion at the standard level. That is comparable to smart moves like skating or walking on the floor. 100% recycled rubber bumper eliminates noise. It supports the board’s lower part. You get natural stopping power on every point during the game.





FeatureS of USA FluidStance Standing Desk:

Made in The USA FluidStance :

Best balance board for seniors looks tiny but mighty. Introduce brand based in California, USA. FluidStance is the plane balance board owned and operated. They assemble each product by hand in their warehouse.

Smart Move with FluidStance Standing Desk Balance Board:

Best engineered made balance trainer ever. Enjoy perfect stability and optimal movement get for your body. By standing on the board, even your micro-movements will strengthen your muscles.

Also, soothe stiff joints, burn calories, and increase your heart rate up to 15%. Explore more standup desks. Like FluidStance balance deck is for rocking, swiveling, toe raises, Friday dancing, and more! Available in 4 colors, choose all slate blue Stratus for a subtle tint.

Safety Made for Long Term Practice:

The Plane Balance Board is durable, solid, and has a superior grip to 3.18kg weight. The rubber bumpers offer natural stopping points when in use. With most movement from the hips down, accurate typing is not changed. Compact size and lightweight features make. Wobble balance board toddler easy to carry from work to home.






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Keep Fitness By Different Ways:

Compared to sitting in front of a laptop, the Balance Board increases your caloric burn by 19.2%. Also increases your heart rate by 15%. At standup desks, engage only the quad and calf muscles. You’ll feel each core and glutes get a workout on deck. Enjoy 360° tilt, and your range of motion expands for natural, continual use.

Please step away from your workstation chair or any sedentary by your responsibility. Let’s transform how you move with our premium The Plane Adult Balance Board.

Lifesaver Standing Desk:

Before Covid-19, I was always on the move. After a year of working from home, I was having back and neck pains from sitting so long. I need to change positions during the day, and a home balance trainer is an excellent option for standing.

It provides the core engagement and stability work you overlook. But eliminates knee and lower back pain. Too early to tell, but a balance ball board helps with my wife’s back and foot pain. Nice and sturdy, though. She has been using it quite—worth the investment.

Friendly Electric Balance Board for Work at Home:

This has been a great addition to my work-from-home office. I have worked at home since covid-19 and sit work till 8 hours plus. After using it, I loved standing on it at the sink washing dishes; I got less tired standing. I would also stand on it while watching TV.

The Fitness gear balance disc was livelier at home. By the wood floor than on the industrial carpet, but it is still acceptable at work. When I need to stand, I prefer using the best stability disc to add a little movement. It helps with my lower back pain. 






Recommend For Everyone – Especially Computer Users

I got an anti-slip plastic-made desk after my coworker purchased one. I’ve had the first FluidStance board for six months, and I enjoy it. I have a sit and stand on my laptop for 8 hours. The standing committee so far is the best one I’ve used. I have balance issues, so it is a terrific and fun way to keep moving fluidstance. It is not so complicated that I can’t read or type. Stand board is very well made, it is sturdy, and the deck has a great “soft ride”. 

The Balance equipment board works as well and is quality-made. Strange as it sounds, the light balancing and ability to rock back and forth. Side by side help keeps the blood pumping and the brain alert and sharp. The great thing is that once you get working while on the board. 

You don’t even think about quality and the movement. It is spontaneous and subtle enough not to be distracting. It gives me energy and focus and isn’t hard on my knees. If you focus on your core, you will feel it! Recommend the FluidStance board as the best balance board for surfing.





Pros: I’m pretty freaking excited about the balance trainer workout. I use the computer about 8 hours a day and have a motorized sit and stand desk to alternate between positions. I’ve been using the FluidStance standing desk mat for a while. It’s okay, but I still find myself in static postures more than I’d like. Notes: They have a 30-day money-back guarantee.





Cons: The only drawback is the rubber smell takes a while to dissipate. When I stand on a swell balance board too long, I get some foot fatigue. When I don’t wear shoes. The price point on this thing is high, but it’s the premium option for a severe computer worker. I like the inflatable balance disc-style more than their more expensive option. Because it seems more rugged and durable due to its rubberized build as opposed to wood. 


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I wrap up, A Balance trainer is one of the best investments for your body builder and keep fitness. And FluidStance-Standing Desk Balance Board is a perfect combination for my family and desk job.

I can rock back/forth from side to side and twist and turn if I have to. It does not work over rock. It’s great for getting your core stronger and helps your posture. It’s sturdy enough, has a wide movement range, and feels comfy. I love my balance board exercises for lower back pain! I would recommend it to your friend.


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