Looking to stretch longer, press harder, or increase the range of motion in your ankles? Try our Fit Viva Slant Board for Calf Stretching with rubber tread. Whether your body is slow to change or just looking for a new balance equipment exercise experience, incorporating slant boards into your movement as a stretching option can provide a great alternative. 

You’ll start the correct foot on the incline and use it to push yourself up onto an elevated surface that mirrors floor-to-ceiling symmetry with fewer personal adjustments. Plenty of different sets exist, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your particular need.


5 Adjustable Angles for Various Fitness Levels: An intense wooden adjustable incline with five angles, 20°, 25°, 30°, 35°, and 40°. The balance board for core strength can tilt and adapt for any age or fitness level to improve muscle fitness and reduce the risk of injury

Recover and Rehabilitate Faster from Injury: Physical therapists recommend muscle rehab. Wooden Incline Stretch Slant board Wedge for Ankles for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, and similar injuries to help you rehabilitate more quickly and strengthen your leg muscles


Portable Board with Non-Slip Features: Use the slip-in handles to transport this lightweight 16.5×12.4×6.2″ incline board to the gym, park, or a fitness class. The calf stretching board has anti-slip treads on top and a rubber base for solid stability

Reduces the Risk of Injury during Exercise: Pre-exercise stretching significantly reduces the risk of damage during a workout. This footboard deepens your stretch, so your muscles are more responsive to exercise and less likely to tear and cause pain

Portable Board with Non-Slip Features: Use the slip-in handles to transport this lightweight 16.5×12.4×6.2″ incline board to the gym, park, or a fitness class. The calf stretching board has anti-slip treads on top and a rubber base for solid stability

Comes with 3 Workout Bands and an Exercise Guide: A detailed manual with step-by-step instructions on exercising, stretching, and soothing different leg muscles are included. It also has three workout bands with various tension levels for a deeper stretch.

Recommended by physical therapists

Reduces the risk of injury during exercise

Rehabilitates leg muscles

Five adjustable angles

Improves fitness

Anti-slip features

Portable and Durable

Here’s why you need Calf Stretcher Slant Board:

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Fit Viva Slant Board for Calf Stretching Includes:

Exercise Guide

3 Workout Bands

Do your legs ache after an entire day of standing or a workout session? Let Fit-Viva take care of that soreness, strengthen your leg muscles, and improve your rehabilitation and fitness results. Live in comfort and free of pain.

AUTHOR’s Review of Fit Viva Slant Board

I had to deal with plantar fasciitis and a fibroma and got one for my office and home. The slant board is beneficial.

The wheel is made of thick metal, so it should be durable while maintaining its structural integrity. The wheel’s activeness allows you to maximize your deep stretch, which is beneficial for physical therapists, who typically like to see their patients progress in a few days or weeks due to the limited time they can spend with them. The wheel has some grip sandpaper that helps you not slip and slide when working on incline slides. This was helpful because it helped me get my physical therapist off my back earlier than usual.

The wooden board has valuables like a space for exercising bands when the board is open and closed. It is heavy, so keep that in mind. My therapist said the slant board was one of the nicest they had seen, and it worked well.

What is a Slant Board?

Slant boards are a type of fitness equipment that is used to help improve calf flexibility. They are also known as calf stretchers, anterior calf stretch machines, or simply “slant.” Slant boards typically have two slanted boards that are adjustable to different angles. The user stands on one end of the board and places their heels on the other. By putting pressure against the ankles and toes, the slant board helps to stretch the calf muscles.

Slant boards are a great way to target specific muscles in the calf region and can be used by people of all fitness levels. A slant board can be a great addition to your workout arsenal if you want to improve your calf flexibility.

How Does a Slant Board Work?

A slant board is a type of calf stretching device that uses a slope to stretch the calf muscles. Slant boards work by placing your feet at a 45-degree angle to the board and pushing against the hill to extend the calf muscle.

Benefits of Using a Fit Viva Slant Board for Calf Stretching:

When it comes to calf stretching, many people are familiar with the traditional method of using a chair or bench. However, other options, such as a slant board, can provide additional benefits.  

An exercise balance board is a great way to target calves because it creates a unique stretch pattern. When you lean against the board at a 30-degree angle, your calf muscles stretch in an unusual direction, and this will cause them to become more flexible. 

Additionally, a slant board is perfect for helping to improve calf mobility and range of motion. By targeting specific muscle groups, you can increase your flexibility overall, and this will help you move more quickly and efficiently. A slant wooden balance board is an excellent option if you’re looking to start incorporating more effective calf stretching into your routine. 

The Basic Calf Stretch

The Fit Viva Slant Board represents a new generation of calf stretching equipment, made with advanced design and technology that makes it easy to use. This board offers a unique slant angle that stretches and elongates the calf muscles more than traditional boards. Pro balance trainers recommend besides physiotherapists. Besides you can try slant calf incline board, fitterfirst wooden slant board.

This is an ideal tool for those looking to improve their calf flexibility and tone. The Fit Viva desk balance board is also great for those who are rehabilitating from calf injuries or surgery. Whether a beginner or an experienced user, the wooden wobble board can help you achieve the perfect stretch!

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Advanced Calf Stretching with the Fit Viva Slant Board for Calf Stretching

The Fit Viva Board is perfect for stretching your calves and Achilles tendons. The standing desk balance board has targeted these areas using a gentle rocking motion to stretch the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. The board is adjustable and can be used in various positions to provide the most effective stretch.

The physical therapy balance board comes with an instructional DVD demonstrating the correct way to use the board. This DVD also includes a routine for stretching your calves and Achilles tendons. The exercise balance board is easy to use and can provide great calf and Achilles tendon stretch without ever having to step on a treadmill or spend hours at the gym.


How to Avoid Muscles That Tense Up In Stretching

If you find that specific muscles tense up during your stretching routine, there are some things you can do to avoid this. First, be sure to warm up your muscles before you start the stretching session by performing some light cardio or movement exercises. This will help loosen up the muscles and make them more flexible. Second, be aware of how much pressure you’re putting on your stretching muscle group. 

If you’re feeling intense pain or discomfort, stop the stretch and focus on lighter versions that improve the range of motion without causing pain. Finally, if a particular muscle group becomes difficult to stretch, try using active rest periods to help break up the muscle tension and increase the range of motion.

The Seated Pike Stretch Protects Ankles

The seated pike stretch is an advanced calf stretching exercise performed safely and effectively at home. The seated pike stretch protects the ankle similarly to the standard calf but with more stability and pressure on the ankle joint.

How to Perform the Seated Pike Stretch:

Soften your feet by warming them up in hot water or a hot Epsom salt bath. Lie down in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Place your hands on your hips for support. Raise your heels upward until your calves are at least 18 inches off of the foot. Hold for 30 seconds, then lower your heels back to the floor and relax into the stretch. Repeat three times per side.

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Variety of exercises to do with the Fit Viva Slant Board:  

Including Torn Goods, Lights and Stripes, The Bottom Line, and more. 

Since the Fit Viva Slant Board was first introduced, it has quickly become a popular choice for calf stretching. This is due to its versatility and the many different exercises. One of the most popular exercises is called “Torn Goods,” a combination of toe taps and knee lifts. 

Another great exercise with the Fit Viva Slant Board is “Lights and Stripes.” This involves alternately lifting one leg and then dragging it behind you as you walk down the slant board. For a more advanced workout, try “The Bottom Line.” This exercise requires you to recline the slant board with your palms flat on the surface and your feet hanging over the edge. Then, using your buttocks and thighs for support, you lift your torso until your chin touches the slant board. Finally, lower yourself back down to the starting position. 

Aside from calf stretching, the Fit Viva Slant Board for Calf Stretching is also used for other exercises such as trunk stability workouts, Functional Training, Pilates reformers, and Tai Chi. So whether you’re looking for a unique exercise option – this is a mighty workout device. I challenge that you won’t get better than Fit Viva Balance Boards.



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