“Health is wealth” – the fact is so morally working in the 21st century. Without keeping fit your health, it isn’t easy to lead an intelligent and energetic life. You are health-conscious, and that’s why you are with us. Your perspective visit is valuable to us. We highly recommend Bosu Sport Balance Trainer for your exercise and fitness. 11 pounds lightweight, made to Reshape your body, keep the tone, and strengthen your inner part.

Bosu manufactured 50cm makes it versatile enough to provide an effective and fun workout! Makes a great addition to any home gym. It’s quite flexible and improves balance with agility build. Around 50cm – where 22 inches across abroad and rest in inside parts, that’s why Bosu balance trainer 50cm blue come like 10 pounds size so smaller fit in your smart store.






For Bosu balance trainer sport smaller size, like 11 pounds, BOSU Sports balance boards are universal. Amazing colors are used that attract kids for fun and bring energy to adults’ exercise. Best balance board for kids and adults! When teens and children jump, the ball bounces, and balance on the BOSU Sport, they’re getting a cardio workout, building strong bones, and strengthening their bodies. The BOSU Sport is also a smart choice for smaller adults.




Get Everything From Bosu Full-Size Balance Trainer:

This Sport Balance Trainer may be small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t do everything a full-size balance trainer can. Perform the same exercises on the balance trainer exercises as you would on any BOSU Balance Trainer. I use Bosu balance trainer sporting goods ball for ankle exercises because I sprained my right ankle three years ago. It ore some ligaments.

Years later, after I sprained my ankle, it started bothering me where it would hurt to walk sometimes. So, I went to Physical Therapy, and I used a Bosu sport trainer 55cm, which helped my ankle feel better. Then I decided to get one of my own, and it has been helping me.

Durable Dome Material Made Bosu Home Balance Trainer: 

BOSU comes to make a great addition to any home gym. U Sport Balance Trainer is simply a smaller version of the original BOSU Home Balance Trainer. Bosu inflatable wobble board constructed with the same strong, durable dome material that builds in composite material but measures just 50 cm across.

While smaller in size, it delivers the same killer workouts as the original BOSU Balance Trainer, and most BOSU exercises can easily be performed with the Sport Balance Trainer. The balance board exercises for lower back pain – best service offer.




Reshape Your Body.

Improve flexibility.

         Improve balance & agility.

         Enhance movement capabilities with  Tone & strengthen.




Physical therapy for Tendinitis: 

It is used in physical therapy for Tendinitis, so it strengthens weak ankles by balancing. It is often used flat side up for more difficulty, too. At 5’4″ tall, I found the standard size BOSU too big for my step up and over physical therapy exercise.

Blue exercise ball comes in smaller travel size which is perfect for luggage store! I can step off the front of the BOSU without clipping my heel on the hard rim. I also find it easier to store and lighter to move. I am very happy with best balance trainer to purchase!

Best for Home Exercise: 

Since all the gyms are closed after covid-19 and working from home, I needed home tool exercise equipment. I use the normal size at the gym, but home balance trainer comes to me as smaller size seemed perfect for my home corner. And it is! I am 5’4″, so this is a great size and weight to bring around the house and when I travel. I was concerned it might not work as well or not be as stable, but it performs the same.

The women – who have kids, don’t get enough time for gym, they can use it. Woman with yoga ball that’s relief back pain, give body strengthen and bones get relaxed. Highly recommend it if you are a smaller person like me or need one to travel with you in these times! Besides best exercise ball for heavy person like 80kg+ too!








Why You Buy Bosu Sport Balance Trainer:

I love this BOSU ball! I have wanted to purchase one for some time; I finally pulled the trigger and am so glad. I opted for the smaller version as I work out at home, so storage space was considered. The ball arrived before promised and with excellent instructions. Very easy to inflate and use. I recommend – BOSU Sport because they’re getting a cardio workout, building strong bones, and strengthening their bodies. I highly recommend Bosu Sport Balance Ball Trainer for your smart fitness!

Author Instruction Guide for BOSU Balance Trainer: 

How to use balance trainer? The Bosu ball was pretty easy to inflate. Yes, the pump is a little cheap, but the issue is that when you have the platform side up, the weight of the platform leaves very little air space inside the ball. So when you start pumping, you have to be very patient. For about a minute, you will not seem to be getting any air in the ball at all.

Suddenly, the platform will lift a little bit, and physical therapy balance training equipment will inflate quickly. I extended balance ball trainer by about two minutes.Once the indoor boards ball is full and you have the plug handy, slide the pump out and cover the inflation hole in the ball with a finger. With a little bit of timing, you can lift your finger and slide the plugin. Make sure the plug is secure.







In verdict, I am a big fan of Bosu Sport Balance Trainer. A bit analysis in market, we get balance ball reviews 10/10. It’s flexible, lightweight, smart to carry and store anywhere, like on any corner at home or office. For your commercial gym, the physioball long-lasting service offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

As well as for office or home use, the colors are great and durable. The price is much more affordable concerning product quality and composite material. So get hurry and make a wise investment for your health fitness.


Half ball balance trainer:







yes4all half-ball-balance-trainer





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