Are you looking for a Multi-Use Exercise Tool for your health and fitness? Blue Planet Balance Surfer For Multiple Exercise adjustable wooden balance board gives you a 7-in-1 toolless solution. Enjoy ocean dive with balance board ball adjustable wooden balance board because it’s smart to carry with a backpack for its 6 pounds weight. Thinking about extra luggage?

Don’t worry. Blue Planet offers their unique canvas carry bag for surfers. I need to spend an extra bucket for freelance surf. A 6-pound or 4.5kg weighted wooden board can take 500 pounds. Near about 100kg weighted guy not sink in the ocean – that’s my eye view. My friend, Joe – is a great diver who controls Blue Planet surfer like awesome.




Blue Planet balance trainer developed the ultimate balance equipment board for everywhere use. Alike Office, Yoga, Gym, Standing Desk, and exercise training. With about 25 years of Blue Planet involvement, you get a 360-degree balance radius. Balance board surf training includes 3D balance modules. Each has 2 curvature directions for different exercises. Three challenge levels, offering a total of 7 configurations. 





Using this Surfer board that can help develop core strength and encourage muscle growth. Also, joint flexibility, posture, and balance are natural and non-painful. An outstanding balancing board for seniors to recover from injury. Different Challenge Levels enjoy 2D mode is ideal for standing desks. In contrast, the 3D balancing modules provide 3 challenge levels. From Medium, they are Challenging to Superfluous Challenging.


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About Blue Planet Store Surfing Exercise Features:

Great for Home, Gym and Office: Best stability disc balance board surfer has perfect for multiple uses. Great for standing desks, yoga, surfing, snowboarding, and SUP training. Also, do exercise, improve posture, and more. If you get a skateboard raining, then eyes off, and let’s start the lakesurf balance board. I applaud its best balance board for snowboarding.

EVA Foam Made Black/Green Colors Surfer for perfect traction: Blue Planet offers 3 different deck grips. You can find your perfect traction from EVA Foam. That’s ideal for barefoot use, Clear Skate, or Black Skate Grip. 25″ wide for a sturdy stance, the board, stop when it hits the ground. If you aren’t happy to use it, don’t worry. 100% money-back guarantee get back within 30 days. So far, fewer negative reviews have come.

Blue Planet has 4.7 ratings out of 5. For the 21st century, after the pandemic – the EVA foam balance board recommend for everyone. It develops core strength and boosts muscle growth. Also, joint flexibility, posture, and balance are natural and non-painful.





Wide Non-Slip Deck: The Balance Board Surfer deck is 25″ wide and has curved ends like a skateboard. That allows for a wide posture and more control for advanced training. You can play with this as Balance board skateboarding for skill development.

Compact Design and Easy to Use: Surfer board is a compact exercise board. You can take it with you to the gym, office or your day takes you. The different modules impulsive in and out so you can experience different challenges. Blue Planet is the Best balance board for surfing for pro surfers.

Endless Versatility: This Surfer board stops when you touch down on either side. That’s making the Design much safer to train, exercise, work, or play, with confidence. Be Fun, Safe, and Effective. Best balance board exercises for lower back pain.



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Review of Innovative Blue Planet Exclusive Balance Surfer:

I have used many balance boards for my fitness. My wife encourages me to keep fitness from the pandemic. Not by her pressure, I like to do exercise and, at one stage, introduced to the Blue Planet balance board. First, it looks expensive, and I don’t intend to get it. Later my friends suggest I grab it. As a freelancer, I have to stick almost 8+ hours in front of a PC. To reduce my back pain and forth – I need to exercise.

The innovative surfer board has 7-in-1 features. You can enjoy exercise at the office, yoga, gym, standing desk, ocean surfing, etc. Unrivaled versatile balance board not only balances you but also impresses you. How does Blue planet impress me? Let’s talk about the interesting Part:

My Balance Surfer Board – Relief Workout Pressure:

I get the balance board to recover from the leg injury. To a lesser degree, to improve my balance, I found the board to be very helpful for working on a computer. As a freelancer, I need to spend hours behind the computer. I got back pain after a long time sitting.

Now, it is much more fun to do it after bringing the home balance trainer. The surfing board abounds with 3 modules. I have progressed to a challenging one within a few weeks. I also used the product to entertain children at our home parties during the holiday season. All kids loved it as the best balance board for kids.





Don’t Forget To Use Finger Holes: 

Yellow and Red Module Get Extra For Challenge:

I have bought Black and Green colors EVA Foam to keep up balance training. It works as motivation for my Improve balance during freelancing. As balance board surf training advanced by Blue Planet, I identified that would be best. And it is. I like the red and yellow modules.

I am swapping the more stimulating direction every 5 minutes by rotating the module 90 degrees. By 10-20 mins on the red module, offer a great quick core workout. The yellow is virtuous if you want to watch TV or chat, and you don’t have 100% focus on balancing for about 15 mins.

So for the core purpose, it’s 5 out 5. What has stunned me is how all the family casts it off. It’s a lovely thing and a bit you don’t mind having around the house. It’s not like exercise or rehab equipment that you want to tidy away after use. That means that it’s always out, pleading to walk on.

My 8-year-old son loves it without the module, where he rocks it with the green module. My wife is always marching on it for a couple of minutes because it’s there, and friends who come round all want a go! If I had a stand-up desk, I would use it for that. But the contiguous I get is standing on it without a module when doing the smoothing!






Pros and Cons: 

I don’t know why people complained about a tight fit. It all fits for me. It’s a tight fit, but a mint of muscle and brain can figure it out. When you put in the inserts and take me out, flip the board first. Don’t play with the inserts while holding the board. It’s too much effort.

Push the inserts in when the board is lying on the ground upside-down. It works well and feels good on mat feet, some dope kit.

The only denigration I have is that the red and yellow modules don’t have finger holes. That makes them easy to pull out of the board. From the green module has, that is a minor point—inclusive rating 5 out of 5.





I wrap up, Blue Planet Balance Surfer For Multiple Exercise’s adjustable wooden balance board is beyond my bated breath. It is well made, competent, uniquely designed, and super fun. The green module has the perfect besides yellow and red. All levels of balance for procedure with a standing desk. I already saw an enhancement in my leg and glute strength after only a few days of using it. Also, you can do ocean surfing too. I recommend Blue Planet to you!


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